jessie“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Dave for years and can attest that he is a true talent. He combines journalistic integrity with hard work to produce results that far exceed the competition. As a contractor for Starwood Hotels, Dave tirelessly worked with us to ensure our satisfaction and delivered a home-run product. He’s a delight to work with!”

— Jessica Doyle, Director of Corporate Communications, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

2016-04-12 20.29.37“We had the great pleasure of having Dave speak at our celebration banquet this April.  Dave really did an outstanding job connecting as usual with everyone and delivered some incredible knowledge to all.  He has unique ability to really spread his words to all audiences and motivate them to just be better.  Dave has been a friend for many years and its awesome to watch him continue to touch lives in every aspect of sports or life situations.”

–Scott Allen, Head Coach Girls Basketball, Paul VI High School

“Some people may think Sports journalists aren’t people of depth. They assume they’re just obsessed with numbers, with stats, and the sensationalism of a great sporting event. Dave Owens is nothing like that. He is a gifted storyteller—a true journalist who does sports, not a sports journalist, and there’s a huge difference.
Audrey Barnes 2014
In the seven years that I’ve known Dave since we met as reporters at WUSA 9, he has always been the consummate professional. His interviews are poignant.    He always manages to pull information out of guests that some of them probably never thought they would reveal.

I’ve had the pleasure recently to hire Dave to report on a variety of issues for Laurel TV—from a young boxer chasing his dream, to a social media boot camp for parents. And just like he did in his military days, no matter what zone you drop him in, he will find his way. It’s like that with Dave and any assignment. If there’s a good story in it, Dave will find it, and make it sing.”

—Audrey Barnes, Director of Communications, Laurel Municipal Center


2016-07-22 15.44.53-1
“Dave Owens is not just a good camera man…he is the best around and so much more! I hired Dave to film and create a promotional video for the Drills and Skills Basketball Training LLC Camp this summer. He not only filmed and produced some of the best videos I have but he created provided my audience with an in-depth look into my camp and business.
He is professional in every way and goes above and beyond to provide you exactly what you need! Dave became a part of our camp, his smile, personality and willingness to involve our players in what he was doing was worth every penny. The young players enjoyed having him around whether it was being interviewed, being taught about filming and letting them film with his equipment, or putting a GoPro camera on a player doing drills.
Dave Owens is a class act!”
– Paul Easton, Founder of Drills and Skills Basketball Training LLC