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Hi, I’m David Owens

Tell us your vision, and we’ll do the rest!! 


As owner of Visionary Media Productions, I always tell my clients anyone can shoot videos. We do more! Visionary Media Productions assists you in crafting a narrative that creates emotional connections between you and your target audience. That is the key to brand identity, and customer loyalty.


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Recent Video Productions

[no_image_with_text text_over_image=”no” alignment=”center”]Career & Technical Education Programs, a Major Focus in Prince George’s County, Maryland!

Visionary Media Productions produced this promotional piece for Prince George’s County (MD) Public Schools celebrating the district’s passion and commitment to cultivating industry-ready graduates.[/no_image_with_text]

[no_image_with_text text_over_image=”no” alignment=”center”]Etsy Seller Stories

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMbE2fR5Z_E[/embedyt]

Visionary Media Productions works with Etsy to produce these poignant seller stories which helps Etsy create a personal connection between its buyers and sellers[/no_image_with_text]

[no_image_with_text text_over_image=”no” alignment=”center”]Fostering Character in Us All:Travis Manion Foundation

The Travis Manion Foundation’s (TMF) commitment to cultivating character strengths in everyday citizens sets it apart from other Veteran Service Organizations. Each year TMF advocates for veterans and also teaches character development curricula to groups all around the country. The motto of “If Not Me Then Who” guides its members and we were honored to work with them during this year’s 9/11 Heroes Run.[/no_image_with_text]


[no_image_with_text text_over_image=”no” alignment=”center”]High Quality Video Productions

VisionaryMedia Productions works with organizations of all sizes, partnering with major brands like Starwood Hotels and Resorts to produce digital content for both internal and external communications. We don’t just shoot videos, anyone can do that. We go beyond that by creating productions for clients that create emotional connections between the client and its target audience. These emotional connections are the key to marketing effective[/no_image_with_text]

[no_image_with_text text_over_image=”no” alignment=”center”]Media Training

Visionary Media Productions conducts media training with organizations helping personnel sharpen interview skills, and control narratives during a plethora of public relations situations.[/no_image_with_text]

[no_image_with_text text_over_image=”no” alignment=”center”]Dynamic Guest Speaking

Visionary Media Productions Owner Dave Owens has served as a dynamic guest speaker for many years. His unique background as a collegiate athlete, Naval Academy graduate, University Professor, former military officer and Persian Gulf veteran, make him the perfect guest speaker for any occasion.[/no_image_with_text]

[no_image_with_text text_over_image=”no” alignment=”center”]Professional Reporting and Sports Broadcasting

Visionary Media Productions Owner Dave Owens has been an award winning journalist for almost two decades. Owens’ versatility ranges from covering political issues, to announcing live college games.[/no_image_with_text]