Visionary Media Productions Showing its Flexibility at Nationals Park

Recently Visionary Media Productions displayed its considerable industry dexterity by contracting with Pro TV Sports to shoot live television shots at Nationals Park for ABC Chicago affiliate WLS . What constitutes a live broadcast hasn’t changed, but what it looks like and how its accomplished certainly has and anyone who has been in the industry in the last decade or so can certainly vouch for that.

The small backpacks you see are called Live U units and work off cell phone technology to transmit signals. A small backpack replaces a traditional microwave or satellite truck? Wow, times sure do change! It allows a videographer to capture a scene, and if necessary, transmit images live at the same time. It requires less personnel too. It’s not perfect technology and there certainly are times when you must have traditional trucks, but Live U certainly has its uses.

VMP was able to assist WLS Chicago capture pre and postgame activities recently during the Cubs/Nationals series and later this month we will be working out of Baltimore. It’s all part of our business motto which is helping organizations tell their story, and strategically promote their brands. We are VMP!

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